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Be the Best at Quinceañera Photography

Mar 18, 2020 | Blog, Quinces & Sweet 16

A quinceañera birthday is a grand rite of passage for young girls on the way to womanhood in many Latino households around the world. This occasion calls for experienced Quinceañera photography skills to capture the pivotal moments in the young girl’s life.

Not only is the selection of photographers of the utmost importance for the quality of the pics, but also the model’s knack for posing and camera presence during the shoot. Let’s cover some of the basic do’s and don’ts to ensure a successful photo shoot. 

Quinceañera Photography Do’s 

Before the start of the photo shoot, try to build some rapport with the photographer. Discuss everything from favorite foods to hobbies and particular dislikes. This will have the model more at ease which will reflect in the quality of the pics. 

Pick outfits that uniquely express the personality and style of the model, even the location of the shoot should hold some meaning of significance as well. This will help make the pictures stand out for its genuine portrayal of the model. 

Display the full color and beauty of the model’s personality with daring and inspired poses. Get creative with the physical surroundings of the location. Play around with different camera angles and the outfits themselves as well. 

Quinceañera Photography Don’ts  

Square, generic poses will result in a mundane photoshoot. Try to avoid the typical poses and reach out of your comfort zone for creative inspiration. Remember these pictures are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime and for future generations.  

Avoid bad posture. Every other factor of the photoshoot may be superb, however poor posture such as slouching can easily ruin an otherwise perfect shot. Try standing on your tippy-toes which will help promote proper posture. 

Enjoy the Quinceañera shoot

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to announce to the world of your journey into womanhood. Try to keep in mind that these pictures will serve as a beautiful memento of your youth later on in life. Reflecting fondly on the moment with gorgeous pictures.