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Money Savings Tips on a Quinceañera Photoshoot

Apr 15, 2020 | Blog, Quinces & Sweet 16

A quinceañera can be a special moment in a young girl’s life. Some parents choose to spare no expense when it comes to capturing the first moments of womanhood in their young daughter’s life. 

However for the more budget conscious families, it can run quite expensive rather quickly if you’re not careful in the ordering process. Here are some simple tips to shaving off a few hundred dollars off of the bill. 

Shop Quinceañera Photography Locally

Not only is shopping locally good for the environment, but also for your wallet as well. A photography studio based out of another city or state might charge extra for mileage charges. Be sure to compare prices of similar photography studios in your area to get an accurate estimate on overall costs. 

Avoid Costly Extras 

As with many services in life, there’s always an upsell. A video catalogue of the quinceañera ceremony might be considered a valuable tool for keeping memories,  however it can tack on a few hundred dollars to the bill. 

Prices can differ depending on location, however, most estimates range the price of a full quinceañera photoshoot around $400 on the inexpensive end up to nearly $3000 for all of the premium add-ons.