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Meet Jon & Jen, a couple who will inspire all!

Here is their story…

My Hodgkin Lymphoma journey began April 1, 2013…At the time I was 29 years old, life was great! I lived a happy, healthy, normal life; married to my high school sweetheart and we were excited about starting a family.  I was in the best shape of my life, pursuing a career as a personal trainer and training to compete in men’s physique competition.  All that was about to change.

On March 16, 2013, I had a sudden excruciating abdominal pain. My wife, Jenny, drove me to the emergency room at our local hospital.  Hold on, this is where we get on the roller coaster ride!  I was admitted to the hospital with unmanageable pain. There was a lot of uncertainty; I didn’t understand why blood was being drawn daily, why I needed to have MRI’s and CAT scans frequently.  Doctors conclude that all my pain originates from my gallbladder.  So, I have my gallbladder removed and I’m discharged from the hospital; the Doctor assures me the pain will lessen within three days.
Seven days go by and the pain is worse than ever. I go back to the emergency room and I’m admitted again. I kept thinking something is not right. Blood work, test, and scans start all over again with no answers. After several tests, the doctor informs me that my lymph nodes are swollen and that he needs to surgically remove a lymph node to be sent to pathology. Now it’s April 1, 2013, I’ve been in the hospital for a week, 5am the floor Doctor that’s treating me comes in loud and clear with no room for misunderstanding and says “So you have CANCER”. Never in a million years could I think that I could have cancer; “Not me, I’m the healthiest person I know. I eat well, exercise, mentally and physically I couldn’t be better”.  The Doctor goes on to tell me that I have Hodgkins Lymphoma…stage 3. My cancer was growing fast; I need to start chemotherapy immediately. The plan is chemotherapy for 6 months. Chemo was torturous, the fatigue, the days spent at the hospital, the pain on some days was unbearable. On good days, my therapy was the gym.  My wife, family and friends are my life line.
July 31, 2013:  I heard the best news of my life “You are CANCER FREE!” I confronted mortality and won. “My life is going to be normal again. I am a SURVIVOR!”
My last chemo session was September 17th; I was so happy, excited, and relieved. It was time to celebrate. My wife and I needed small getaway to enjoy each other after a rough few months. Thanks to Our family that made this possible.

A well deserved getaway to relax and enjoy the small things. My wife is my best friend, my rock, she never left my side. While enjoying our vacation on October 29th, I could see some swelling and felt pain in my neck. Concerned but staying positive we enjoyed our trip.  As soon as we returned I scheduled a visit with my oncologist, who in turn sent for a PET scan to be completed. Meanwhile, I tried to resume my life as normal as I possibly could and two days later my results were in…. I was informed that I have Cancer Again! It’s back and with a vengeance. The cancer has spread.  This time I need to start inpatient chemotherapy immediately, where I stay in the hospital for 5 days at a time. It gets better…I also need a bone marrow transplant. The ups and downs of this journey were more than I was expecting but not more than I can overcome. I have one more session of chemotherapy left before I begin preparing for my transplant that will take place at the end of January 2014. I know that if hugs, hope, and wishes could cure cancer I would be healthy again. Thank you for all your support and prayers.-Jon

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“We will overcome this. ONELOVE forever!” -Jen

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~God Bless