Brett & Sally | Wedding Photographer | The Tides | Miami Beach, FL

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10 years ago, August to be precise, Unique Design Studios opened its first storefront.
As you would expect, after a decade and over 500 weddings, we’ve heard some pretty amazing stories of LOVE.

Sally and Brett shared their story with us this past week during their wedding shoot and I felt I needed to share it with all our fans and followers.

As a teenager, Sally, like most girls, was fascinated by an Abercrombie model. This particular model, while prominently displayed through-out the store, was also featured on their shopping bags, of which many, Sally had cut out and taped to her bedroom walls.
Little would she have known that years later, she would meet this young man, Brett, in New York City at a passport office. And the rest??? Well, the rest is history or should we say “Fate”.

I’m a HUGE believer of Fate.
Of course, understanding that we won’t all be as “lucky” as Sally.
We probably won’t marry our teenage infatuation or even a model or celebrity, but we are destined to find our soul mates.
Their story only solidifies this!
I feel blessed to have not only met them, but to have forever captured their (almost) unbelievable love story that they will eventually share with their children and grandchildren.
Thank you Brett & Sally Gibbs for allowing me this honor.

Enjoy the images and I will continue to document my inspirations through the many stories of LOVE.

And if you are curious, google “Brett Gibbs” to see the Original Abercrombie image by Bruce Weber, that started it all.

P.S. Had I married my teenage obsession, I’d be Mrs. Prince. Thank God, I outgrew that one!
With Much LOVE,

This Gorgeous couple had their shoot at The Tides Hotel Miami Beach and the gorgeous Flowers & Decor were the creation of Joy Wallace – See Decor here.