Meet UDS

Meet the Crew behind our Quinces & Sweet Sixteen Productions.

From make-up, wardrobe & set design, these girls handle every detail of the shoot to ensure uniqueness each time.

The UDS Team

About UDS

Unique Design Studios has developed a freshness of style that has made a mark in South Florida. Unique Design Studios (UDS) has nurtured an enterprising group of photographers who share youth, technical expertise, zest for life and love for people, children, couples, grandparents, families, each of them a celebrity ready to burst out in fun and originality. Now photographing weddings all over the world, this group of artists have developed a “unique” style that makes them just that…UNIQUE!

Their family portraits and their approach to a wedding, reveal people’s beauty because UDS loves people and has a keen eye to capture them candidly, relaxed …being themselves. UDS captures beauty in a different sense; no posing, no faking it, no wall between the photographer and the subject. The end result is the soul of the person, revealing an inspired expressiveness. Simply put, people being people.

There are no short cuts at UDS, all their work is carefully enhanced and retouched, therefore providing the ultimate in quality. We would be honored to be your memory-maker!