Wedding Photography
December 19, 2017

I just wanted to take a moment and send you, Jesus, Jacquie, and Oli our love for helping make our wedding day amazing. Your talents, skills, personalities, and love for your work and for us made it such a wonderful experience and joyful event. From the first time we walked into the office till now the whole UDS family has been amazing. Everyone at the reception loved Jesus and Jacquie and they ADORED, and when I say adored, I mean, Arleen and I must have received easily over 100 comments about how much they loved the mattes and the photos that were in them (props to you and Jacquie). That’s was a brilliant idea.

Thank you as well for connecting us with Leo, he was a blessing in disguise and Arleen and I appreciate your opinion and recommendation of actually getting a videographer and he made the whole process just as easy. Like I said I will keep it short but I just wanted to say thanks.

Arleen and Chris