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Popular Trends in Wedding Photography

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Wedding & Engagement

Long gone are the old days of heavily-staged, traditionally posed Wedding Photography shoots. The importance has shifted from the expensive arrangement details to the sacred moment between future husband and wife shared with close friends and family.  

More and more people are opting for more candid and minimalistic shoots that truly embody the lifestyle and personalities of the groom and bride. The old, stuffy black and white tuxedo are starting to be replaced by more relaxed forms of clothing. 

Let’s discuss the new emerging trends in wedding photography for 2020 

Documentary-style Videography 

Many studios are offering a different kind of service capturing the big moments such as the vows and first kiss, but also every little moment in-between as well. The smiles and the heartfelt emotions without the unnatural flow of forced posing. 

Vlog footage 

Many couples are choosing to record glimpses of themselves on their special day for a more personal, behind-the-scenes vibe. These clips can include raw reactions to special moments which can be quite endearing to reminiscence on later in life. 

Selfie-style Wedding Photography 

This can be used as a cost-saving measure for the groom and bride to document themselves in the moment or as a corky selfie booth in the reception hall. Either way, the ubiquity of the selfie shot has become a beloved phenomenon on the internet. 

Aerial Drone Wedding Photography 

A new emerging trend that has taken photography by the storm in recent years has been the dynamic usage of drone footage. It offers the unique advantage of capturing mesmerizing aerial shots otherwise impossible before.   

Physical Photo Albums 

The digital age has removed the need for the usage of physical files and documents. However, the charm of a physical wedding photo album placed on the coffee table to scroll through has been winning the appeal of many couples.  

Important Takeaways 

There are many new styles of photography and videography for young grooms and brides to choose from for the coverage of that very special day. It ultimately boils down to one’s personal preference.